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Demonic legal rights

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The process of deliverance often consists of three main parts: Tearing down strongholds, removing legal rights and then casting out the remaining demons. If you try to cast out demons without taking away the strongholds or legal rights that they are holding onto, then you can't really expect to achieve a complete successful deliverance. Removing these two blockages is vital in going about a complete and successful deliverance.

There is a teaching specifically on Strongholds too that you may want to go through as well.

What are legal rights?

A legal right is something that can give demons an opportunity to enter or harass us, or gives them the right to remain in us even when we try to cast them out. Some of the most common legal rights that are faced when ministering deliverance are:

Sins (especially willful sins): When we commit sin, it gives the enemy a legal right to affect or bother us in one way or another. The deeper the sin, the bigger the door that is opened to the devil. When a person allows unholy thoughts to enter their mind, it can open the door to a demon of lust, which eventually causes the person to commit adultery and the matter is compounded. It starts when the enemy tempts us to think the wrong thing, then when we accept it and make it a habit, it opens the door for the enemy to move in further, then behind the bad habit which can be formed, lies a demonic compulsion that isn't easily resisted. If the person continues down this path, he continues to open more doors to the enemy, and eventually that person finds himself committing adultery, rape, etc. because the feelings and desires the demons push on that person are irresistible. Once he commits those sins, mega doors are then opened, and the problem is like a snowball going down the hill. Sin opens the door to demons, which push us in the direction to more sins, which open us wider to more demons, etc.

The remedy? Repentance! Verbally confess and repent of your sins that have given the enemy legal rights in your life. If you recognize a particular sin or sins that has opened the door to the bondage you are seeking deliverance from, it helps to specifically repent of that sin. Any larger or gross sins you can remember are always good to repent of specifically.

1 John 1:9 tells us to confess our sins. If we don't confess our sins and instead we hide them from God, it leaves that sin remaining in our lives. We need to confess our sins in order to be forgiven.

Soul ties: It is possible for two persons to share spiritual ties (like spiritual bridges that connect the two persons). Some of the most popular and destructive soul ties are formed during an adultery or fornication. 1 Corinthians 6:16 warns us not to have sexual relations with a prostitute because we become one flesh (flesh as in soul realm kind of flesh, not a physical flesh) with that person. This ungodly soul tie is like a rope between two persons that demons can use to their advantage to cross from one person to another. If that person had demons tormenting them, and you had sex with them, it unites the two persons, and therefore a soul tie is created, and the demons tormenting that person can also have rights to torment you. This does not apply to married couples, because there is no unhealthy soul tie created from sex within marriage. The Bible says that the marriage bed is un-defiled, and defilement is required to create an evil soul tie.

The remedy? Repentance, renunciation and breaking of soul ties! First, specifically repent of the sin which caused the soul tie to be formed in the first place. Then you can use your authority in Jesus to break and sever the unholy soul tie. Saying something like this should do the job, "I now renounce, break and sever all unholy soul ties created between myself and _____ through the act of adultery in Jesus' name!"

There can also be soul ties between yourself and another person, without any sexual relationship involved. Sexual relationships are one of the best way to create a very strong soul tie, but it's not the only way. Other soul ties can be created through unhealthy relationships, such as being so close to a parent that you take their advice over God's advice. Again, repentance and the breaking of the soul ties in Jesus' name is the way to go about solving this problem.

Another thing that could hold back the breaking of a soul tie, is a physical object given to you from the other person, through a sinful relationship. If you were given a ring, or bra or a love gift through an adulterous relationship, for example, then those gift(s) can hold the soul tie together. If the gift is valuable, and not necessarily bad in itself, then it's best to sell the gift. If the gift is demonic or unholy, then it's best to throw away the gift.

Demonic vows: A demonic vow can be like a spiritual signature that the enemy uses as a legal right to gain access into our lives. Demonic vows can be made consciously or unconsciously. Often when a person joins a cult coven (a group of witches), they are required to make vows with the devil. Demonic vows can be made unconsciously just by dabbling with the occult. Just by getting curious about the occult and reading forbidden materials (including horoscopes) can give the enemy your spiritual signature; it tells the enemy know that your interested. Jesus warns us not to make any vows at all. The only vows I can see are practical and good are those made during a marriage ceremony.

The remedy? But if we have made vows that do not glorify God, then we should repent and renounce those vows verbally and seek God's forgiveness. Do this verbally, because vows are made verbally, breaking them is also done verbally.

Unforgiveness: When we don't forgive others, God won't forgive us. When God doesn't forgive us, it leaves our sins remaining, which can give the enemy legal rights into our lives. Read Matthew 18:23-35, and keep in mind that the tormenters they are referring to, are demons. The legal ground the enemy may be standing on to torment you may very well be rooted in unforgiveness! I've heard that the single most common reason that people aren't healed, is because they are holding unforgiveness in their hearts, and I believe it! Forgiveness is not an option; it's a necessity! See my study on "Unforgiveness: Poison" for a more in depth understanding of how unforgiveness works.

The remedy? Repent for holding bitterness in your heart against others, and make a solid choice to forgive those who have wronged you (also confirm your choice by verbally forgiving them), and release the bitterness and hurt from your heart against them.

Ancestral sins: When you involve yourself in the deeper sins or the occult world, you not only open demonic doors in your own life, but also in the lives of your children and grandchildren (Exodus 20:5). If your ancestors have committed gross sins or been involved in the occult, then it's a good idea to confess those sins (to the best of your ability... God knows your heart), and ask Him for forgiveness (Leviticus 26:40-42). Even though you personally aren't guilty of those sins, they may have caused curses in your life, and those curses need to be broken. Common ways to tell if ancestral sins are involved, is if your siblings or ancestors have experienced or are experiencing the same or similar problem that you are.

The remedy? The legal grounds have already been broken! If any spirits are remaining, they must be cast out. For more information, see the teaching on Generational Curses.

Childhood rejection: Much demonic bondage is caused during childhood. For example, if a parent shows rejection toward their child, a spirit of rejection may enter.

The remedy? If you have been rejected by either your parents or somebody else, you must make a solid choice to forgive that person(s), and release the hurt in your heart against them. The spirit of rejection is usually present in this situations, and should be renounced.

Points of weakness: When the person experiences weakness, such as emotional shock, physical trauma, fearful experiences during childhood, and other areas to which the natural walls of defense in the physical, spiritual or emotional system of a person are weakened, it leaves us vulnerable for the enemy to attach himself to us. The same is true with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and especially true with drugs, because they lower our defenses, and since demons thrive on weakness, they love to move right in and setup camp.

The remedy? If there was any bitterness involved (say somebody caused the traumatic experience for you, and you are still holding it against them), then you must forgive the person who hurt you, and repent for harboring bitterness in your heart against them. If the point of weakness was caused by your own sin, such as drinking or drugs, then confess and repent of that sin. If the demons entered solely through traumatic experience, and none of it was anybody's fault, then the demons are 100% trespassers in this situation, and need to be told to leave!

Spoken self-curses: The words we say have spiritual value, the Bible says to bless and not curse, and that the tongue has the power of life and death. If you walk around saying, "I wish I could just die," a demon may hear you and can go to God and say, "Look, she wants to die!" and here comes a spirit of death. There is a book titled, "Blessing or Curse: You can choose, " by Derek Prince, which deals with this topic of curses in much detail.

The remedy? Take back what you spoke against yourself, renounce it! Repent for speaking such thing(s), and break the curse(s) in Jesus' name!

Cursed objects: Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, charms, etc. If you brought any Indian or pagan religion artifacts into your home, you could be opening the door for demons to enter and bother the people within your home. Land can also become defiled by the sins of it's owners (Leviticus 18:27).

The remedy? Burn, destroy or get rid of any physical objects that you have located that could be cursed. Isaiah 2:18, "And the idols he shall utterly abolish." It is Biblical to burn cursed objects. Repent for bringing such objects into your home if you are responsible for them! Land can be cleansed by prayer and repenting of the sins of the previous owners.

Renounce demons: Renounce any known demons that have been invited in (ex. spirit guides), and any interest or involvement in the occult or Satanism. Also renounce any demons that you know need to be cast out. This helps let the demons know that you are no longer interested in having them around.

Other helpful things to look for: When did the bondage start? Try to pinpoint how the problem started and what gave the demons the ability to enter. Look for any involvement in the occult, sins, vows, traumatic experiences, etc. along with any unusual happenings emotionally, spiritually or mentally.