Who needs Deliverance and what does it mean! Spiritual Warfare Teachings Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

Note to Parents: If your child tells you that they hear voices in the house or they see people, listen to them and help them.

Don't blame their imagination. It's real. There are such thing as evil spirits that are haunting your home.

You should approach haunting's on a spiritual level and teach your children to defend themselves. Don't send them to a hospital , doctor,

mental institution or give them medication. Deliverance is the key!

I will teach you step by step how to command these spirits to leave the home that does not belong to them.


The spirits will try to get you to stop doing deliverance because they don't want to leave. You must take full authority as given by

Jesus Christ to evict them.

Don't feel sorry for them. It's your property. Why should you have to give them a room or space to stay where they don't belong.

It's really not safe to let the spirits stay in your haunted place because they don't want you there. The spirits attack you with fear

because you are not aware of your authority in Christ Jesus . Be ready for them some night. Attack them and you will see that they will

run from you. They tremble at the name of Jesus Christ. Keep attacking them until they leave. It might take time, but it works . Once or

twice may not scare them. Keep attacking them! It may take the fourth or fifth time before they react in fear. It may take many attacks

before they leave. They have to leave because the Bible says so.  But please note:  You can only do this yourself if you are a Born-Again

Christian and has ask Jesus Christ to wash you with His Blood and to protect you with the full Armor of God as per Ephesians 6. 

If not please contact us so that we can send someone to do this for you.

They will try to bully you or try to con you into thinking that they are a real person. Don't go for it.  They are demons.  They might look friendly

but believe me they are evil and will turn to viciousness very quickly.

I am here to help you because I care about you! I mean that from my heart.